Support Fair Elections in Prince George's County, MD

Support Fair Elections in Prince George's County!

In recent years, many residents of Prince George's County have felt that their voices are being increasingly drowned out by the flood of big money into our local elections. 

Small donor empowerment programs put voters back in the driver’s seat of our elections by providing matching funds for small contributions to candidates who reject large and corporate contributions. This system allows candidates relying on small donors to compete with big money candidates by appealing to everyday constituents.

In Prince George’s County, the legislation is on track for a possible introduction on January 30th.  We want to make sure that pack the room for the legislation introduction

The Sierra Club is hosting a Fair Elections Town Hall on Thursday, January 25 in Prince George’s County.




Urge Prince George's County Council to Establish Fair Elections Program

Earlier this month the Fair Elections Maryland Coalition hosted a town hall and County Council Member Mary Lehman pledged to introduce a Fair Elections Bill. This would make Prince George’s County the third county in Maryland to have a Fair Elections Program. Sign the petition to urge Prince George’s County Council to establish a county Fair Elections Program.  

Fair elections give everyday people a stronger voice through small donor contributions that stop big money from polluting our politics and our communities. Check out the new website for Fair Elections Maryland where you can volunteer, host a house party, and

Prince George's will be the 3rd County in Maryland to update and modernize their election system to empower local community members to run for office!




I'm in for Fair Elections in Prince George's County!

Across Maryland, corporate and mega-donor money has way too much influence in our elections -- affecting who can run for office, the issues that are debated, who wins, and ultimately, the public policy made.

Now we can shift power back to the people of Prince George's with small-donor public financing: a voluntary program that gives matching funds to candidates who seek small donations and reject large and corporate contributions.

Like the success in Montgomery County and Howard County, together we can establish a small-donor public finance program.




We Know We Can Win!

The success of Montgomery County and Howard County show that when our partner's members mobilize, we can win. Read the Howard County Case Study to learn what we accomplished! This case study presents a concrete example of how social, economic, and environmental groups can come together, through the Democracy Initiative, and work together to win pro-democracy reforms!

To learn more about the program and what you can do to help bring fair elections to Prince George's County Email David Sanchez ( for more information.