Support Fair Elections: Cook County, Illinois

Cook County has the opportunity to take corporate money out of elections and empower local community members to run for public office! In Cook County, we can shift power back to the people of Cook County with small-donor public financing: a voluntary program that gives matching funds to candidates who seek small donations and reject large and corporate contributions.

Cook County Matters!

Cook County is the larger than most states in America, and demographically diverse.  In Cook County, the Board of Commissioners is responsible for the management of the affairs of Cook County. 


Ordnance 17-3494 Introduced to Cook County Council. It was sponsored by Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (Cook County District 7) and Co-sponsored by Larry Suffredin (Cook County District 13).The bill is currently in the finance committee. The Cook County Board is made up of 17 members and a County President.  

How We Will WIN!

It is up to all of us, from social, economic, and environmental groups to come together and mobilize our members in support of pro-democracy reforms! We need to continue to show the Cook County Board that there is a strong public demand for fair elections to empower voters and make sure elected officials are held accountable to their constituents over monied interests!

The ordinance would need a total of 9 votes to pass.  Right now there are three commissioners in favor of the legislation, and the vote would need to be by December 1st to be included in 2018 budget.