Take Action NOW! Sign Contact the White House and Congress and Tell Them to Fund the Government TODAY

The federal shutdown has passed three weeks without pay to thousands of federal workers. We have a responsibility to all Americans to demand that the administration open the federal government immediately.

As the partial government shutdown that began at midnight on December 22 drags on, we have to keep the pressure on the White House and Congress. It's time for them to end this disastrous shutdown and put 800,000 federal workers back on the job for the pay they deserve.

Get in the fight today by doing one or more of the activities below—even if you haven't been affected by this shutdown. An injury to one is an injury to all.

DI partner NAACP is hosting a petition to #StopTheShutdown, which you can sign here.

Here's how you and your organization can help:

1. Join us at the Rally to End the Government Shutdown!

  • Rally TOMORROW, Thursday 1/10 - 12pm at the AFL-CIO—please join us! More information can be found here. Use this flyer to get the word out, courtesy of AFGE.

2. Call your senators and demand they end the shutdown. 

  • Toll-free hotline # and flyer to generate calls to the Senate: 866-803-8803. Feel free to use this hotline flyer here.

3. Use this toolkit to support and amplify those affected by the shutdown, courtesy of the AFL-CIO.

4. Tweet and post to Facebook about the ramifications of this shutdown on your family and the services you provide to American people. Use the hashtag #ShutdownStories at the end of your post.

In your post or tweet, state your name, where you work, and what you do for the American people. And if you are veteran, say it. (Do not do any of this on duty time if you are being forced to work, don't do it on federal property period, and make it clear you are speaking on behalf of yourself not your agency.)