New Hampshire: Pence-Kobach Mobilization

New Hampshire Mobilization: September 12, 2017

Where: New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College (100 Saint Anselm Drive, Manchester, New Hampshire 03102)

When: September 12, 2017, meet outside at 8:15 am!
The Commission meeting will go from 10am-5pm

Join the local Facebook Event! Watch the local press conference and rally on Septembe 12, 2017 from 8:15am-10am on the Facebook live stream. 

Calling all friends, voters and voting rights advocates who believe in modern and secure elections! The Trump Administration is attempting to get state Election officials across the country to turn over their statewide voter lists.

Join the NH Campaign for Voting Rights in standing in protest againt the Trump Administration's "Election Integrity Commission" (Pence-Kobach). The Commission will hold its second meeting here in New Hampshire at St. Aslem College on Tuesday, September 12. 

Register to attend the meeting in person. To register, please submit your full name, organization (if any), e-mail address, and phone number to Ron Williams ( or telephone at 202-395- 1587) before 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, September 8, 2017.

Download the Action Packet!

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Stand with us - fight for modern and secure elections - do not allow the Pence-Kobach Commission go unchallenged!



On Tuesday, September 12 the Pence-Kobach Commission on “Election Integrity” meets in New Hampshire. [Organization Name] is participating in state and national actions across the country to call for a democracy that works for all people. We cannot leave democracy to elected officials alone, it’s time to build and exercise our grassroots power!


Our members could be purged! Kris Kobach and other commissioners want to use the flawed Interstate Crosscheck which could purge millions of eligible voters, target minorities based on insufficient data, and is threat to our democracy. Mobilize members to tell the commission #DontMessWithOurVote!

Comments can be submitted via email to the official White House comment inbox  with the subject line "Written Comment to Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity." Public comments may be submitted at any time; however, comments for a particular meeting should be submitted at least five (5) days prior to the meeting.

EMAIL comments to

Submit a written comment directly and tell the Pence-Kobach commission: We won’t let you stop us from exercising the freedom to vote.

Here is a sample comment for submission:

“I join thousands of Americans to express my deep concern with the Pence-Kobach commission. Many of the commissioners have made a career out of blocking eligible voters from the democratic process. From purging millions of voters in Ohio and Georgia to blocking eligible voters from registering in Kansas, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, this commission is more focused on purging than participation.

The American people will not be intimidated out of exercising our freedom to vote.

It’s time for a democracy that works for all so we can have thriving communities, a just economy, and healthy planet. We need to give local election officials the tools they need to do their job to ensure our elections are secure, modern, and accessible to all Americans.

The best way to uphold the integrity of our elections is by making sure every eligible voter can vote and have their vote counted as cast. Modernizing our elections to allow things like automatic voter registration, Election Day voter registration, and early voting are important steps to building trust and confidence in our democratic process for all Americans.

The freedom to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy, and I know that We The People will do whatever it takes, together, to protect it. I will not let this Commission intimidate me or any other eligible American from exercising the freedom to vote.”

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Should @mike_pence be leading a committee on "election integrity?" Happening in a state he served as governor:

NH Sec of State had names of domestic abuse victims on public checklist. Reckless. #BillGardner #QuitTheCommission

#BillGardner, we need free, safe and secure elections, not a commission that hides its actions. #QuitTheCommission