Connecticut: "Don’t Give into Special Interest"

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment to protect one of the most important success stories of the democracy movement. A recent budget passed by Connecticut targets the Citizen’s Election Program (CEP) which – for over a decade – has encouraged more diverse candidates to run and shifts the power away from corporations and moneyed interests to everyday people.

It’s time for everyday people to rise up to protect the CEP from this targeted attack that is coming from Koch-funded special interest groups. These groups want to shrink the power of everyday people and rollback progress on environmental policies, workers’ rights, and criminal justice reforms.

Messaging from ReThink:

Siding with the Kochs would sell out everyday voters who have greater power to set the political agenda with the CEP as well as tarnish Malloy's legacy and the Democratic brand. Under the CEP, "Connecticut passed mandatory paid sick days, increased the minimum wage, adopted an Earned Income Tax Credit, passed in-state tuition for undocumented students, and reversed a nearly 30-year trend that gave bottle deposits back to distributors."

Protecting the CEP keeps the door closed on the re-emergence of Corrupticut and keeps elected officials focused on working to improve the lives of everyday people, not a few wealthy special interests who will stack the deck in their favor without the program.

Contact Gov. Malloy via Common Causes' action page. Mobilize your members in support of the CEP.