Fix the Senate Now Coalition Engages in ?Week of Action? to Support Senate Reform

Washington, DC – On the heels of reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will explore Senate rules reform in July in light of the failure of January’s Senate rules compromise agreement, the Fix the Senate Now coalition and allied partner organizations are engaged in a ‘Week of Action’ to lift up the voices of millions of Americans who are frustrated with continued Senate dysfunction and support renewed efforts at reform.

As Senate Majority Leader Reid said last week, “Despite the agreement we reached in January, Republican obstruction on nominees continues unabated, no different than it was the last Congress.”

See below an overview of ‘Week of Action’ activities taking place during the Memorial Day recess, when Senators are in their home states:

  • Coalition-led Petition Drive Supporting Real Reform Delivered to Senate Offices: The Fix the Senate Now coalition and partner organizations announced the results of an ongoing petition drive calling on the Senate to stop obstructing and start working again.

    The petition notes, “We call on you, and all the members of the Senate, to restore fairness and honor to the nomination and confirmation process for executive and judicial nominations, and use the rules of the Senate in a constructive way that fulfills both your constitutional responsibilities and the needs of the American people in these challenging times. Or to reform those rules if a determined minority remains adamant in maintaining a veto over everything that conflicts with their radical philosophy.” 

    The petition drive, involving 17 organizations, was sent to over 1.1 million members of participating organizations, and garnered over 140,000 signatures sent to the offices of Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) and top Democratic leader Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY).  

  • In-State Office Visits: The Fix the Senate Now coalition and related partner organizations will be visiting nearly two dozen Senators’ state offices during the Memorial Day recess week. These visits, taking place across the nation, will provide an opportunity for Americans frustrated with Senate obstruction of important legislation and key nominees to voice their frustration and explain why a functional Senate would make a difference to their own lives.
  • Fix the Senate Now “Break the Logjam” Ad in Roll Call. In light of continued obstruction, Fix the Senate Now recently unveiled a new ad titled, “Break the Logjam,” featured in the Beltway newspaper, Roll Call.  As the ad notes, “our government agencies and federal courts are unable to serve the public properly because of unprecedented obstruction of Presidential nominees. President Obama won his election and now deserves an up or down vote on his nominees.” The ad calls on the Democratic majority to “make the Senate work again.”

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