The Movement to Fix Democracy Can't Be Stopped

Democracy Awakening inspires Americans hungry for a government that works for all as tens of thousands participate in a tele town hall and sign up to mobilize in Washington
Thursday, March 3, 2016

Washington, DC – Regardless of the outcome of the presidential primary, it is clear voters are demanding a democracy that guarantees all Americans an equal voice. As the polls closed on Super Tuesday, nearly 12,000 activists and advocates joined a tele town hall (click here for recording) with leaders from the labor, environment, and civil rights communities to hear about Democracy Awakening and the Congress of Conscience. The historic event will mobilize thousands, some participating in direct action, to come to Washington, DC April 16th-18th to demand a democracy where every vote is heard and counted, and all Americans have an equal voice.

Speakers on the tele town hall included NAACP President & CEO Cornell William Brooks, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, Greenpeace USA Executive Director Annie Leonard, Former U.S. Civil Rights Commission Chair Mary Frances Berry, CWA President Chris Shelton, and Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. They touched on the critical solutions to rebalance our democracy – restoring and expanding essential voting rights protections, and curbing the power of wealthy special interests and corporations on elections, and fighting obstruction of the president’s Supreme Court nomination.

“We have Super Tuesday today but that’s not directly solving any problems. I say the only way to do so is to mobilize,” said Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich. “If you look at history, the only way people really can change the structure of power in Washington and in America is through mobilizing, through organizing, through energizing, through showing up and asserting their rights as people – making a ruckus!”

Supported by over 180 groups including a recent endorsement from the AFL-CIO Executive Council and its 12.7 million members, and with more than 10,000 people signed up on the website, the people demanding a democracy that works for all of us will continue regardless of the nominees.

“Together, through Democracy Awakening, we are standing up for the right to vote and we are standing up for the integrity of the vote,” said NAACP President & CEO Cornell William Brooks. “Why? Because we well understand the need to protect citizens’ votes from being stolen before the election and legislators’ votes from being bought and sold after the elections. We have to stand together, to stand with courage.”