DI Chair Larry Cohen Agrees with Senator Reid on Need to Fix Senate

Statement by Larry Cohen, Chair of the Board, Democracy Initiative
Thursday, September 1, 2016

 In response to the comments made by Senator Harry Reid who said that if Democrats win the White House and the Senate they should consider changing Senate rules to allow the majority to proceed to act, DI Chair Larry Cohen stated:

"Senator Reid is saying aloud what most Americans already know, the current gridlock must end. The Senate needs to do its job and consider the real issues that Americans care about."

"Over the last eight years, President Obama and his policies faced unprecedented levels of obstruction. The Republican minority routinely blocked legislation supported by the American people including the Voting Rights Advancement Act, the DREAM Act, the DISCLOSE Act, the American Jobs Act, Employee Free Choice Act, the Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act to name a few.  We can no longer allow abuse of the rules to keep the Senate from debating and voting on key issues and it will be important to consider common sense changes to the Senate rules."