Democracy Initiative Adopts Bold Action Plan for 2016

DI member organizations are taking on the linked consequences of attacks on voting rights and the power of big money in politics
Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Washington, DC – Last Wednesday, December 9th, 45 endorsing organizations of the Democracy Initiative (DI) adopted a four-part strategic action plan for 2016, calling for joint action in states; a major grassroots mobilization; a national education, communications, and outreach strategy; and continued efforts to strengthen the growing DI network. Collectively, we strive to build a 21st century democracy where the voice of every American is heard and counted with a government that is of, by, and for the people.

“Together we can build a democracy where our dreams are imaginable and not blocked by a system with abysmally low voter participation and outrageously high spending that’s considered by many to be ‘business as usual,’” said Democracy Initiative Chair Larry Cohen. “We must fight back, but changing it will need all of us working together.”

The action plan for 2016 will build on victories that already have been achieved in communities and states, and will continue focusing on issues such as automatic voter registration, support for small donor matching programs, and voting rights restoration for previously incarcerated people, among others. Endorsing organizations adopted a plan to engage in at least six states and support for other local and state reform efforts. Pro-voter initiatives will go on offense, fighting to give more people a voice in their democracy. Popular education for potentially hundreds of thousands of people will prepare activists to participate in a national mobilization as well as state campaigns. 

This spring, DI organizations will organize a mass mobilization to overcome the public cynicism that little can be done about the corporate stranglehold on decisions affecting the lives of Americans. This plan joins the demands for voting rights with money-in-politics reform, bringing together historically separate communities and reform proposals. Member organizations are coordinating their campaigns at the highest levels, to take on the fight to ensure Americans are voting and that their vote makes a difference.

These efforts will be bolstered by a comprehensive education, communications, and outreach strategy that will unite democracy issues with the challenges we collectively face on climate, workers’ rights, and civil rights. Strengthening and growing the Democracy Initiative network will be vital to this effort and we will be working closely with our organizations to educate, engage and mobilize their collective memberships and resources.

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