Democracy Awakening Brings Thousands of Activists and Advocates to Rally in Washington, DC

Democracy Initiative environmental, labor, civil rights, and student organizations are mobilizing thousands to fight for an equal voice in our democracy at U.S. Capitol this weekend
Friday, April 15, 2016

Washington, DC – This weekend, April 16-18, the Democracy Initiative and its endorsing organizations are participating in Democracy Awakening, bringing together thousands of members, activists, and advocates from a wide variety of backgrounds to fight for an equal and influential voice in our democracy as the power of money in politics, attacks on voting rights, and Senate obstruction over the Supreme Court nomination process are disenfranchising voters across the country. Notably, Democracy Awakening participants from various ethnic and racial backgrounds, as well as issue communities of environment, labor, good government and civil rights reflect the modern and diverse coalitions demanding systemic reform in our political process.

“Congress' refusal to take action on voting rights, money in politics, and the pending Supreme Court nomination is systematically undermining our democracy and denying the American people an equal voice in our political process,” said Democracy Initiative Chair Larry Cohen. “This is the time to stand up and fight back. We need solutions for the real problems people face – massive student debt, jobs without real benefits, and equal pay for women. Democracy Awakening is the voice of thousands of Americans in Washington, DC and millions more across the country demanding action.”

More than 200 organizations have joined together to fight back against and out-of-balance system dominated by wealthy special interests that produces outcomes that fail to reflect the needs and concerns of everyday people. That is why thousands are joining for a rally this Sunday and why thousands more are risking arrest on Monday to demand a Congress of Conscience. A full day of workshops, panels, and forums will educate participants on Saturday and explore the convergence of democracy issues.

Democracy Awakening uniquely represents the diverse potential of American democracy with a wide array of constituencies prepared to fight side by side. Young and old, people of color, and those of every economic class are joining together to build a democracy of, by, and for the people.