The Issue

Making Government Work for Us

We need a responsible and accountable government, where all people have an equal seat at the table.

Americans feel disconnected from their elected officials. Americans witness gridlock, partisanship and obstruction and are looking for ways to change the system so that we have a responsible and accountable government where all people have an equal seat at the table.

The Democracy Initiative was founded in 2012 to fix undemocratic Senate rules like the Jim Crow filibuster. Both the Fix the Senate Now campaign in 2013 and our recent campaign to Fix or Nix the Filibuster have sought to address these concerns by advocating for sensible change to the rules governing the U.S. Senate to end gridlock, act in accordance with the mandate given to them by voters, and allow the institution to meet some of our country’s greatest challenges.

The U.S. Senate has become a place where too many important issues don’t get even one minute of discussion and debate on the Senate floor. In recent years, the Senate has passed fewer than 5 percent of the bills introduced. Too many critical issues never make it to the Senate floor. The recent instance of the refusal of Senate leadership to pass urgent democracy and election reforms, despite an unprecedented assault on Americans’ right to vote, is only the most recent example of the Senate’s continued shirking of its fundamental responsibilities.

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