The Issues

The issues impacting our workers, our communities, our people, and our planet are directly linked to the need to expand and protect our democracy. The rights of all people and the foundation of democracy is threatened by structural racism, economic inequality, and wealthy or corporate influence over governing.

Having Our Voices Heard

Our democracy is built on the idea that every citizen can participate in the electoral process and each ballot counts equally. However, barriers exist that prevent some Americans from voting, rendering our voices unequal.

We want to arrive at a democracy in which the voice of the people counts.

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Fighting Big Money in Politics

The richest of the 1 percent have increasingly been able to put their mark on our democracy. Their values and interests differ from those of everyday Americans, and their mega-dollars diminish the votes and power of the rest of us. But we have the power to build a people-powered democracy.

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Making Government Work for Us

Americans feel disconnected from their elected officials. Americans witness gridlock, partisanship and obstruction and are looking for ways to change the system so that we have a responsible and accountable government where all people have an equal seat at the table.

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