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909, 2022

Dark Money Floods American Politics: the DISCLOSE Act Could Help

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Dark money has polluted our politics and overruled the will of the people for far too long. Our US Senators can take an easy step to fix this problem by passing the DISCLOSE Act. The phrase ‘dark money’ refers to large amounts of money contributed to a political or issue campaign by a donor hidden from the public to covertly influence the outcome or in exchange for a favor if the campaign is successful. During the 2020 election cycle, at least $100 million was spent in dark money at the federal level, hiding a significant portion of the [...]

2406, 2022

Extreme, partisan judicial activism shows need to end the filibuster so Congress can act

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The U.S. Supreme Court decision announced today to overturn 50 years of judicial precedent and take away an individual’s access to abortion care is the latest example of partisan judicial activism by an extremist Supreme Court majority which seeks to ignore the necessity of long-standing laws that protect our health and safety.

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