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Why hasn't Gov. Rauner signed the Bill?

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Automatic Voter Registration passed unanimously in both the Illinois State House and Senate! 

Urge Governor Rauner to sign the bill into law today!

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Automatic Voter Registration

Automatic voter registration (AVR) allows eligible voters the chance to register when they interact with a government agency. Last year, AVR was approved by the House and Senate with overwhelming support from Democrats and Republicans alike, but Governor Rauner vetoed the bill citing concerns about voting fraud and conflicts with federal law.

Automatic voter registration in Illinois is not only a win for voters it's a win for democracy.


Take Action:

Call the Governor today -- 855-980-1989!

My name is _______. I am calling you because I believe that the right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy and that every Illinoisan has the fundamental right to have their voice heard. I was excited to hear that our Automatic Voter Registration bill (SB1933) passed unanimously out of both Houses of the General Assembly. I strongly urge you to sign this bill into law. This bill would modernize and secure our election systems and ensure that all voters will have access to the ballot. Thank you for your swift action.


Why AVR Matters:

Automatic voter registration modernizes our elections and gives more people the opportunity to participate in the democratic process. Here's how:

  • Gives More People a Voice. When more eligible voters are able to participate, more people can have a voice in the policies that impact their community and creates a better future for everyone.
  • Increases Participation. AVR reduces one barrier to participation by providing more efficient ways for eligible voters to become registered. 
  • Modernizes Elections. AVR enables voters to register through the DMV and ensures more accurate information on voters.

Voting is a key part of participating in our representative democracy. If we want to advance policies to protect our environment, protect workers' rights, and protect our civil liberties than we need to make sure every eligible voter is registered to vote.


Follow SB 1933

SB 1933 was sent to the House on May 8th. It is sponsored by Representative Robyn Gabel and co-sponsored by Representative Robert Martwick. The bill was unanimously passed by the state House on May 29th and has now been sent back to the Senate for agreement on all of the changes.  Follow The Bill


Public Financing

A bill to establish a public financing program in Illinois passed through the Senate (31-23) and has now headed to the House. House representatives have until May 31st to pass the bill which will provide funds for statewide positions and make Illinois the 14th state to use public financing.