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It’s time to reform our elections to ensure that our elected leaders represent all of Oregon.

Many different communities are coming together behind a House Bill 4076, which will ensure everyday people have a bigger voice in state politics. Small Donor Elections is a powerful bill that will match small donations from Oregon residents. If it passes, Small Donor Elections will lift up the voices of everyday people in statewide elections, and help make our democracy more open and accessible to everyone.


Candidates for statewide, legislative, and judicial offices can choose a different path to raise money for their campaigns. These participating candidates agree to accept contributions from small donors ($250 or less). In exchange, small donations will be matched six-to-one with limited public funds. This allows candidates with community support to raise enough money to win elected office without relying on wealthy donors and to spend more time talking to their constituents.

This reform would make our elections open and accessible to everyone, because:

  • Small donor elections puts our democracy back in balance. It ensures that everyday people have a bigger voice than wealthy donors and special interests.
  • Candidates can raise enough money to run for office — and win — without needing to rely on wealthy donors. They won't need to spend time competing for contributions from a small group of special interests. They'll be able to spend more time listening to our concerns, and our voices. This plan puts everyday people like us back in charge of our democracy.
  • The restaurant server who can’t give a lot of money will see her $15 donation become a $105 donation. Now she can better support her favorite candidate.
  • Candidates for office will be able to talk with more of their constituents, hear their concerns, and engage with them throughout their terms.
  • More diverse candidates can run for office and represent their communities, whether or not they have a network of wealthy friends or family to bankroll their campaigns.

Our democracy succeeds only if our voices are heard and our communities are represented. We need to reform Oregon’s elections, so that our government truly works for all. Tell your legislator that you want Small Donor Elections to ensure a voice for all Oregon today.


The success and growing demand for small donor programs are all about empowering voters to have a stronger voice, encouraging community candidates to run, holding leaders accountable, and blunting the influence of moneyed interests that try to sway our elections and our policies.

Oregon wants to build an inclusive democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, and everyone’s voice is heard. Make sure your members in Oregon know about the Small Donor Elections bill and let’s show legislators that folks on the ground care about this deeply. 

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Do you feel like your voice is heard in politics, Name?
We all deserve a democracy where every voice matters, and where every person is
heard. Where it’s the most voters instead of the most special interest donors that
decide elections. Where the most talented – not just the most financially connected –
can run for office to represent us.
Do you agree? Good. Because we need your help.
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Sample Email #2

Small donor matching is a proven alternative to big money’s pay-to-play politics,
empowering candidates without networks of wealthy donors to run for office – and
win – by accepting only small donations from people like you and me.
In other communities that have a small donor elections system in place, like Maine,
Connecticut, and Montgomery County, Maryland, it changes the way candidates
campaign and govern by creating more accountability and a more representative
Will Oregon be the next state to pass Small Donor Elections? We can do it with your
help! Learn more and sign up to help

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I want everyone in Oregon to have their voice heard. That’s why I support
#SmallDonorElections. RT if you agree! #orleg #orpol [attach social graphic 2]

We can reduce the power of big money & keep politicians accountable! I support
#SmallDonorElections; RT if you do, too. #orleg #orpol [attach social graphic 3]

Join the effort to ensure a voice for all Oregon. Sign up: avoiceforalloregon.com
#orleg #orpol

If you’re tired of big money calling the shots, it’s time to pass Small Donor Elections.
Learn more & sign up for updates at avoiceforalloregon.com [attach social graphic 5]

Who wants a more accountable, inclusive, and responsive government? We do, too.
Learn more at avoiceforalloregon.com [attach social graphic 4]

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