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MLK Action Page - January 16, 2018

January 16, 2018

Dr. Martin Luther King recognized the intersectionality between economic, social, and racial justice and the fight for democracy. As you prepare to remember and honor Dr. King’s life, here are three ways you can highlight the connection between democracy and voting rights to your members. We ask you to choose one (1) and share!

  1. Feature a quote from Dr. King on your website or social media on democracy. For social media, add links to how the fight for democracy connects to your core issues. Download unbranded graphics
  2. Send a message to your members on the importance of participation in democracy. 
  3. Encourage your members to write a letter to the editor about why democracy matters and link it to a core issue. Ask them to share their letter with you so you can publicize it. 

What Can You Do on MLK Day?

  • Talk about the connections between race and class. How do we stand in solidarity for one another? What does it mean to be an ally for a community in the democracy movement?
  • Volunteer in the community. Be the change you want to see by giving back to others locally.
  • Encourage members to get registered to vote. November elections may be months away but its never too early to start registering voters. 



We are at a critical moment in American democracy. In honor of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it is time for all of us to make sure the promise of democracy is real for everyone. Our democracy is under attack when the voice of one person is denied at the ballot box or silenced by big money.

Now is the time to vision a 21st century democracy where all eligible voters are on the rolls, all voters can freely cast a ballot, and all votes are counted securely.

This Monday, continue the legacy of Dr. King by working to make democracy better for this generation and the next.



Dr. King understood that the right to vote was at the heart of our ability as a people and a nation to advance social and economic change. Today the struggle continues to bend the arc of justice to welcome the immigrant, respect the worker, and protect our planet. We need more democracy not less- that means more people participating in town halls, attending city council hearings, scheduling a visit to their local elected leader, and yes, voting. The best way I know how to honor Dr. King is by making sure everyone has a voice in our democracy, that’s why we need to look at reforms that expand democracy like automatic voter registration, vote by mail or early voting to ensure more people can participate and have a voice to hold our elected leaders accountable.