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Michigan Promote the Vote



Promote the Vote is a grassroots initiative to win voting reforms to expand access to voting. We were grateful to have ACLU Michigan's Kary Moss and Sharon Dolente to discuss the campaign and opportunities for state and national partners to engage.

Michigan lags behind many states when it comes to voting access. Absentee ballots are only available to seniors over 60 years old and the deadline to register to vote is two months before the election – the most restrictive in the country behind Alabama.

The Democracy Initiative is proud to endorse the Promote the Vote campaign as one of our priority campaigns under the Democracy 365 umbrella to achieve increased access and participation in democracy across the United States. This campaign is a major opportunity to support communities in building power and ensure that every person has the ability to advocate for kitchen table issues in their community!  

Here are the key ways DI Partners can help mobilize to win in Michigan:

Endorse the campaign. As issues groups, it's important to show why voting is key to moving the core issues we work on everyday. Once your organization endorses the campaign, we will follow up with you on your level of engagement.

Signature Gathering & Field Operations. The campaign is ramping up its outreach to communities across the state with 29 house parties (tonight) and signature collection Day of Action on March 3.  

Education Voters. We have the chance to engage with people on the ground and connect kitchen table issues with the ability to vote. Along with voter education, the DI will host Democracy Champions trainings to build a field of advocates for 2018 and beyond.

Participate in local meetings. For partners with state affiliates, the DI will coordinate in-state meetings to help build our movement for success and identify emerging leaders. The DI will align allies that can help support efforts on the ground and bring new people into the democracy movement.

To get involved, email Getachew Kassa at gkassa@democracyinitiative.org.