Join the Resistance! Get a Full Vetting of SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch

Join the movement!

Contact your senator today to get the full vetting of SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch. Americans deserve to hear about his pro-corporate, anti-individual legal views. He has ruled consistently in favor of corporations and business and against consumers and employees. He is out of the mainstream with a clear political agenda which will not provide an independent judicial check on the administration. Make your voice heard, reach out to your senator and ensure that Gorsuch's full judicial background is exposed for the American people: (202) 224-3121. Click here to get more direct contact information for your senator.


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We deserve a democracy that works for all of us, not just wealthy donors and special interests. Take this opportunity to voice your concerns regarding Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination and the potential harm to worker's rights, civil rights, and environmental protections. 

Several Democracy Initiative organizations have come together to create a helpful toolkit for action. 


We Want to Hear About Your Action!

Tell us about your activist experience to get a full vetting of Neil Gorsuch. We want to hear your story: Why do you think it's important to stop Gorsuch's nomination? How could Gorsuch affect you on the Supreme Court? How did your call or interaction with your senator about Gorsuch go? Etc. Click the button at the bottom of the page to tell us about your action and share any pictures or videos you may have taken with this email:


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Spread the word on social media! We cannot trust Judge Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court when he has an extreme record ruling against ordinary people and undermining democratic institutions.  



Call your senator to #StopGorsuch who believes the constitution protects corporations over individual people! (202) 224-3121


Can we trust @SCOTUSNGorsuch to respect liberty, equality, and justice for all if he was handpicked by the Koch Brothers? #StopGorsuch


Time and again @SCOTUSNGorsuch has put corporations above workers and Americans. #StopGorsuch


.@SCOTUSNGorsuch ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby allowing companies to control workers’ access to birth control. #StopGorsuch


.@SCOTUSNGorsuch has consistently ruled against women’s reproductive rights, workers’ rights, and has thrown out excessive force cases. #StopGorsuch


.@SCOTUSNGorsuch writes that all lives have value but ruled the fatal tasering of Ryan Wilson to the head was “reasonable.” #StopGorsuch


.@SCOTUSNGorsuch ruled that a school officer’s “twist-and-lock” on a 65lb  9 yr old  was not excessive force. #StopGorsuch


@SCOTUS must be independent from the Executive branch. Checks and balances must be maintained. #StopGorsuch


.@SCOTUSNGorsuch’s judicial record shows he is a friend of Big Business + will weaken access to justice for consumers +workers. #StopGorsuch


We can't trust @SCOTUSNGorsuch to be open-minded and guided by the Constitution. His record shows a strong political agenda. #StopGorsuch

@SCOTUSNGorsuch repeatedly sides with Big Business over employees and consumers.



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