Get the Citizens' Election Fund Passed!

Howard County Council vote on June 5th

Howard County Fair Elections won on the ballot in November but we must urge Howard County Councilpersons to fully fund the Citizens' Election Fund and uplift the voices of Howard County voters. 


The County Council will vote on the Citizens' Election Fund on Monday, June 5th. 


Please tell the County Council you support CB30 for the Citizens’ Election Fund program. Call today (410) 313-2001 or e-mail!


Schedule a Visit with Your Councilperson

It is time to apply pressure on the Council to pass the Citizens' Election Fund this Spring. Schedule a meeting with your councilpersons and let them know why this program is so important to your and your neighbors. Email Devon Handerson ( with your availability to schedule a meeting.


Write a Letter to the Editor

Use your pen or keyboard to send a message to Howard County residents and others throughout the state about why the Citizens' Election will help us reclaim our democracy in Howard County and beyond. To write a Letter to the Editor, email Andrea Anderson ( and John Newhagen (


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