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Everybody Votes Maryland

Day of Action, Tuesday, March 13

"As Americans, we believe democracy is for all, yet it has been a slow and sometimes painful and bloody process to expand access to all eligible voters. Removing barriers to participation and allowing citizens the freedom to participate as they choose are central to delivering on the promises of democracy. To achieve a reflective democracy – where the needs of the people are reflected in our budgets, our policies, and our programs – all eligible Marylanders must have the ability to register to vote."

--- Testimony from DI Executive Director Wendy Fields

Participation is "Central to Delivering on the Promises of Democracy"

The Secure and Accessible Registration Act (SARA) expands the ability of eligible voters to register through certain state agencies and have their information transferred securely to the Board of Elections. The DI's communications Director, Michelle Whittaker, joined Damon Effingham from Common Cause Maryland, Natalie Tennant from the Brennan Center for Justice, Emily Scarr from Maryland PIRG, and other Local and state advocates to support the Secure and Accessible Registration Act (SARA).

Supporting Efforts on Secure and Accessible Registration Act (SARA) with DI

The DI is supporting efforts on the ground in Maryland to expand voting access along with increasing participation through public financing in Prince George's County. Day of Action for SARA is Tuesday, March 13. To get involved, email Getachwe kassa at gkassa@democracyinitiative.org.