COVID Election & USPS Funding Social Media Kit

COVID Election & USPS Funding Social Media Toolkit

After releasing the disastrous HEALS Act, which does not include any funding for elections or the US Postal Service, the Senate has entered into negotiations with the House over the next COVID relief package. 

It is absolutely essential that the U.S. Senate follow the House’s action on critical funding for election administration and the USPS. It is time to activate your members in the states of key Senators and light up social media channels!

Sample Election Funding Tweets/Posts:

Hashtags: #VotebyMail #ProtectOurVote #SavethePostOffice #Democracy

  • It’s time for a unified call from all Americans to ensure elected officials meet the demand for safe, accessible voting. Call your senator (202-224-3121) & tell them to provide $3.6B to states & $25B to the USPS so that every voter can cast a ballot that counts #ProtectOurVote
  • The Senate must follow the House’s leadership and allocate $3.6B to states and $25B to the USPS to prepare for safe, accessible elections this November through #VotebyMail and safe in-person options. Time for the Senate to #ProtectOurVote & #SavethePostOffice.
  • It is lawmakers’ job to ensure voting systems are secure & work for all voters, especially when during a pandemic. What we’ve seen this primary season has been a wakeup call for our #democracy. [Key Senator], fund our elections and Post Office now to #ProtectOurVote!
  • [I/We] should not have to choose between [my/our] health and participating in our #democracy. The Senate must approve $3.6bn in critical funding to expand #VotebyMail, safe in-person voting, and $25bn in support for the #USPS. [Key Senator], fund our elections now!
  • We all know expanding #VotebyMail and safe in-person voting is the safest way to vote this November. We urge [Key Senator] to fight to provide $3.6bn in election funding and $25bn for the USPS so that all states can conduct safe elections. #Democracy
  • The Senate is negotiating a new #COVID19 funding package. They must include $3.6bn in critical election funding and $25bn for the USPS. Our election infrastructure needs support now.

    ☎ Senate: 202-224-3121 and demand they fully fund safe voting options and #SavethePostOffice.


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