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CLEAN Missouri Ballot Initiative

The CLEAN Missouri Initiative



Missouri’s working families deserve a living wage and a government that is transparent and represents everyday people. Missourians are preparing for ballot initiatives that would repeal right to work and strengthen workers’ rights, raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour and place ethics reform on the ballot in 2018. 


The CLEAN Missouri Initiative is taking desperately needed legislative reform measure directly to voters to make the state government more transparent, limit the power of big money in our legislature, and ensure Missourians are able to hold legislators accountable when they fail to act in the public interest.


The CLEAN Missouri Initiative has been endorsed by a broad range of groups from labor, civil rights, environmental, and good government groups including many Democracy Initiative partners like the AFL-CIO, NAACP, and Jobs with Justice, Sierra Club, SEIU and many more.  


The Clean Missouri coalition continues to collect signatures at an aggressive pace with more than half of the required signatures already collected and is shifting into aggressive planning and build-out mode to prepare for outreach, communications, research, voter engagement and media work in the New Year.


The Democracy Initiative will coordinate with the CLEAN Initiative campaign to engage partners in a mini-campaign which will include a series of public education forums, events, and actions in March, April, and May across the state — hosted by a diverse group of sponsoring organizations — that all seek to generate media coverage and energize activists for future grassroots activity.


Contact DI senior campaign Getachew Kassa gkassa@democracyinitiative.org to engage in the campaign or CLEAN Missouri campaign manager with any questions, ideas or concerns at sean@cleanmissouri.org or visit the website at cleanmissouri.org



Getachew Kassa

Senior Campaigner 

Democracy Initiative