Bring Clean Elections to DC!

In March 2017, DC councilmembers introduced a bill to establish a small-donor empowerment program in DC. Candidates who agree to reject money from wealthy donors and special interests will receive funds matching what they've raised through small contributions.

"More than 60% of campaign contributions in recent cycles come from either non-District residents or corporations, while only 5% of campaign contributions come from D.C. residents giving $100 or less. D.C.’s donor class is older, whiter, wealthier, and more male than our population as a whole. More than 62% of Council and Mayoral donors are white, compared to 37% of D.C.’s population."



Take Action:

Sign this petition to support the Fair Elections Bill.

Take part in May 20th brunch and canvassing or petitioning at the Columbia Heights Farmers' Market.

Attend June 29th hearing at the Wilson Building. 


Mark Your Calendar!

May 20

Brunch and canvass

Petition at the Columbia Heights Farmers' Market

June 29 Hearing at the Wilson Building


Email for more information!