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The Arizona state legislature is attempting to change how independent commissions work to shift power to politicians and political parties and away from every day people. 

Democracy works best when people have an equal voice and representation. Voting is one of our most powerful democracy tools to advance and protect our communities, our workplaces, and our planet. Yet, when politicians manipulate district lines to create outcomes in their favor, it shrinks the power of the grassroots. 

Arizona is a national model when it comes to redistricting reform. The state uses an independent commission to draw district maps, putting the power to decide who gets elected in the hands of the people. The power to decide who represents us belongs to the people.  

We work with partner organizations to develop strong, compelling messaging for progressives to use. When we spot a strategic opportunity, we lend communications capacity to partners, helping them earn media attention, communicate online with their supporters and the public, and make their voices heard.

When needed, we go on the attack ourselves. We respond quickly when news breaks, using social media and the press to fight back against right-wing misinformation and defend Arizona’s hard-won progressive victories.

Finally, we use online organizing to promote the bold progressive agenda that we share with our partners. We engage with our tens of thousands of supporters through email and social media, using petitions, call-in campaigns, and more to put pressure on politicians and help turn Arizona blue.




Action and Messaging for the Campaigns

We need you and your members to stand up for democracy and fair representation. Here are two ways you can engage: 


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Sample Social Media


  • If you tweet on Thursday use #ThrowBackThursday to talk about how power grabs like this have been used before and we MUST stop it from happening again.  
  • If you tweet on Friday use #FightBackFriday in a similar vein.  
  • Why would we let politicians pick their own voters? This #AZPowerGrab puts our planet in danger, we need leaders who will represent the people.  
  • The rich and powerful want politicians to choose their own voters, but it’s our right to choose our own leadership. Stop the #AZPowerGrab 
  • Arizona’s Republican legislators are trying to undermine the independent, bipartisan commission that creates Arizona’s congressional and legislative district maps. In short, they’re trying to make it easier for politicians to choose their own voters. We need to stop the #AZPowerGrab -- call your Representative now at (602) 926-3559 and tell them to vote against any changes to the way that districts are drawn.  


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