Courtney Hight



Courtney is the director of the Sierra Club’s Democracy Program. Courtney works to engage all levels of the Sierra Club in efforts around voting rights, money in politics and building a stronger democracy. Courtney is a part of the coordinating team of the Democracy Initiative/Democracy Initiative Education Fund. Courtney began her organizing career mobilizing students in the fight to increase access to higher education first in Oregon, then nationally with the United States Student Association. In early 2007, Courtney joined the Obama campaign in New Hampshire, ending in Florida as the state Youth Vote Director. Post-inauguration, Courtney worked with the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Recognizing the need to build grassroots power to move action on climate change, Courtney became Executive Director of the Energy Action Coalition, where she organized the largest grassroots organizing training in history, bringing almost 10,000 young climate activists to Power Shift 2011.