New Ads Urge Senator Flake to End Washington Gridlock and Fill Key Judicial Vacancies

(Phoenix, AZ) -- The Sierra Club is running new ads in both the online and print editions of the Arizona Republic, urging Senator Jeff Flake to use his power on the Committee on the Judiciary to approve the nomination of Patricia Millett to a long-standing vacancy on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Millett is expected to receive a vote before that committee on Thursday.
Millett has worked under both Republican and Democratic administrations, serving in the Department of Justice under President Bill Clinton and as an assistant to the U.S. Solicitor General under both Clinton and President George W. Bush. Nonetheless, Millett’s nomination has been stalled since she was nominated in early June as part of the same unprecedented obstruction and gridlock in Washington that has left some key positions vacant for upwards of two years.
“By using gridlock as a political tool, obstructionists in Washington have left our courtrooms without judges and have left key watchdog agencies without leaders,” said Pat Gallagher, Legal Director at the Sierra Club. “We must fill these critical vacancies to enforce the laws that protect our families and communities. But, Senator Jeff Flake can help end the partisan games and get the Senate back to work by voting for a bipartisan, well-qualified nominee like Patricia Millett.”
The ads encourage Arizonans to contact Senator Flake, and will run throughout the committee vote.



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