CWA Legislative Director Shane Larson to Answer Questions on Senate Rules Reform in Reddit AMA

Communications Workers of America Legislative Director Shane Larson will be answering questions on reforming the rules of the U.S. Senate on Monday, via the social news website The AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview model has been popularized in recent months with numerous politicians (including President Obama and former VP Al Gore) engaging in the online Q&A forum.

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Background: CWA joined leading organizations from the Government Reform, Environmental, Labor and Civil Rights communities to found the Fix The Senate Now coalition and help advocate for reforms to the broken rules of the U.S. Senate. Among the reforms that the coalition support are (1) ending the filibuster on the 'motion to proceed,' (2) enact a 'talking filibuster' (forcing filibustering Senators to speak their case on the Senate floor), and (3) improving the nominations process.

At a time when our nation needs a functioning government more than ever, these common sense reforms will help make the Senate able to serve America once again.