Coalition Launches to Support U.S. Senate Rules Reform

Washington, DC – With the topic of U.S. Senate rules reform back in the news, the Alliance for Justice, the Brennan Center for Justice, Common Cause, the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the Sierra Club, and the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) today announced the re-formulation of the Fix the Senate Now coalition to support the push for substantive Senate reforms.  
The above organizations also issued the following statement to underscore their interest and involvement in the issue of Senate rules reform:
“Facing unparalleled challenges—a languid economic recovery, crushing debt, and threats at home and abroad—the country cannot afford another two years of inaction fostered by outmoded and broken legislative institutions.
“In recent decades, Senate conventions have devolved to remove incentives for bipartisan comity, collegiality, and compromise. Whereas Senators once resorted to filibustering only in rare and exceptional instances of intense opposition, rampant obstruction has now transformed standard operating procedure. Today, majority rule in the Senate is the exception, not the rule.
“We believe that common sense reforms will end routine and reflexive obstruction and will ensure that the Senate will once again be able to address the critical issues facing our country."
At the start of this 112th Congress, many of these same organizations helped to form the Fix the Senate Now coalition.  That effort generated more than 100,000 petition signers and placed greater than 40,000 phone calls into Senate offices.