Best News Clips of the Week, November 30, 2012

Senate rules reform was a hot button topic in the press and around the nation this week. President Obama declared his support and the Fix the Senate coalition officially launched on Wednesday. Here’s a glimpse of the key stories from the week:

“The Senate — the legislative body that was designed as the saucer to cool the House’s tempestuous teacup — has become a deep freeze, where even once-routine matters have become hopelessly stuck and a supermajority is needed to pass almost anything.”

-- The New York Times, “The Senate’s Long Slide to Gridlock,” Jonathan Weisman, November 24, 2012

“The specific changes Reid envisions aren’t particularly dramatic: He wants to be able to make the motion to debate a bill — but not the vote to pass it — immune to the filibuster; he wants the time it would take to break a filibuster to be shorter; and he wants whoever is filibustering to have to hold the floor of the Senate and talk. None of these changes would alter the basic reality of the modern U.S. Senate…”

-- The Washington Post, Ezra Klein, “Mitch McConnell’s Five Biggest Whoppers on the Filibuster,” November 26, 2012

Video: Reid To McConnell: GOP Filibuster Abuse Makes Senate Inefficient, November 26, 2012

“[Americans] want to see progress, not partisan delay games…The President supports Senator Reid’s efforts to reform the filibuster process.”

-- MSNBC, Zachary Roth, “Obama backs filibuster reform but what impact would it have?” November 28, 2012

Video: The Colbert Report, “Filibuster Reform,” November 28, 2012

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Filibuster Reform
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