Linda Ewing

Linda Ewing

Senior Policy and Training Fellow

Linda’s professional life has been devoted to raising living standards for working people and extending and deepening our democracy in both the political and economic spheres. An economist by training and a writer by inclination, Linda joined the UAW Research Department staff in 1991. She was appointed director of the department in 2002, supervising a staff of economists and financial analysts providing technical assistance to support organizing and collective bargaining, as well as industry, economic and policy analysis.

In 2012, Linda became a special policy adviser to then-UAW President Bob King, and served in that capacity until her retirement in 2014. In her role on the president’s staff, she worked to develop popular education on economic inequality (in conjunction with partners in the “99 Spring” initiative) and the social and political impact of unions and collective bargaining. She also contributed multiple cover stories to the union’s membership publication, Solidarity magazine.

Linda is a member of UAW Local 1981, the National Writers Union, and has served on a number of organizational boards, including the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Labor and Employment Relations Association. Her work has appeared in Perspectives on Work; Working USA; the (Detroit) Metro Times; and (as an avid runner) Michigan Runner magazine.

She resides in Brooklyn, New York.