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The DI Report


The DI Report

It's about all of us.

Democracy works best when everyone has a voice and every vote is counted. It is clear the anti-democracy movement wants to shrink the power of the grassroots to advocate for the issues that matter – workers’ rights, criminal justice, climate justice and more – by attacking our right to vote and using money to influence elections and policy.

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Michelle C. Whittaker, Director of Communications
mwhittaker@democracyinitiative.org 202-567-6103

The DI Report

Democracy 365

It is clear that in every election and in every council meeting  – every vote counts .

The DI Report

DI 6th Annual Meeting: Shifting Power & Building Solidarity to Win in 2018 and Beyond

Democracy Champions Honorees Announced

The DI Report

We wish everyone safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family. May you come back recharged and refreshed for the work ahead! The DI office will be closed in observance of Thanksgiving for Thursday and Friday this week.

The DI Report


The President’s tax bill is a bad bill for everyday people. It gives corporations and the wealthy huge tax breaks while leaving families, seniors, children, and students with little or no savings. It’s time for elected leaders to work for everyday people, not corporations and wealthy interests.

The DI Report

Slow Clap for Democracy

Tuesday was Election Day for about 40% of the country. It resulted in many firsts for communities that have been marginalized in the past. We saw many young and first-time candidates run and win against incumbents or party establishment favorites. In Virginia and New Jersey, the state
legislative and gubernatorial races have had the most media coverage. The real
story is about participation.

The DI Report

Mobilize to Win in Missouri

CLEAN Missouri campaign manager Sean Nicholson presented at yesterday's expanded mobilizing meeting to engage DI partners on how we can join the efforts on the ground to build power and reach out to key communities. Voters and elected leaders are frustrated with the lack of transparency, accountability, and fairness in Missouri. The CLEAN Missouri Initiative is something that helps all of us fight big money and put democracy back in the hands of the people.