Supreme Court Vacancy Must Wait Until 2021

Saturday, September 19, 2020

For Immediate Release:
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Supreme Court Vacancy Must
Wait Until 2021

WASHINGTON DC: “In our democracy, the people have a seat at the governing table,” said Wendy Fields, executive director of the Democracy Initiative. "And we say NO, the vacancy on the Supreme Court can only be filled after—not before—voters decide who will serve as our next president.

"Ramming through a Supreme Court nominee before this historic election while simultaneously working to undermine the legitimacy of the process by sabotaging the Post Office, advancing false fraud narratives, and orchestrating mass voter suppression is one more line of attack in President Trump’s assault on democracy, especially considering that—like Bush v Gore in 2000—key questions could end up in the Supreme Court.

"Once again Trump, along with Mitch McConnell and their enablers, show the country who they are and what they stand for—usurping our power and protecting the interests of their wealthy supporters. It is an affront to all of us who believe in the basic principles Ruth Bader Ginsberg stood up for time and time again: equal opportunity, inclusive democracy and justice for all. These fundamental American values are worth fighting for and they are in grave jeopardy if Trump and McConnell have their way with this Supreme Court seat.

"Leaders of the Democracy Initiative, representing a broad coalition of labor, civil rights and environmental organizations, know that the stakes are high for the kitchen table concerns of our collective 45 million members: healthcare, civil rights, reproductive rights, clean air and water, and fair pay and working conditions.

"Never has the case been stronger for far-reaching reform to protect and expand our democracy so we can truly have a government of, by and for the people—not the wealthy, privileged few.

"We will fight to block this nomination process until after Inauguration Day 2021. And then we will fight fiercely for reforms that will restore our democracy to the people beginning with voting rights, blunting the influence of big money in our political system and restoring basic governing rules in the US Senate including fixing the filibuster.

"To honor the life and work of Justice Ginsburg, members and constituents of DI affiliates and partners will join a vigil on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court at 8:00 pm tonight, Saturday September 19."


The Democracy Initiative is a coalition of 75 organizations with a collective 45 million members fighting for workers, civil rights, social justice and the environment. DI partner organizations are united in their commitment to realizing the promise of American democracy where all people have an equal seat at the governance table.