The President’s Commission Failed; Time for 21st Century Secure & Modern Elections

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Michelle C. Whittaker, Director of Communications 202-567-6103

The President’s Commission Failed
Time for 21st Century Secure & Modern Elections

Washington, D.C. (January 4, 2018) — The president got it wrong on election integrity. His attempt to validate and advance a false narrative of widespread voter fraud failed and public outcry forced him to disband the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. A clear message was sent by the American people along with many Secretaries of State, election clerks, and democracy reform advocates: We demand 21st century secure and modern elections. The Democracy Initiative, a dynamic coalition of 64 issue-focused and democracy groups, will keep a vigilant eye on this Administration, their former commissioners, and their allies to ensure they do not mess with our right to vote.

While the commission may be disbanded, we know the president and the anti-democracy movement have not abandoned their goal: to strip away the power of the grassroots to advocate for the kitchen table issues — our people, our communities, and our planet.

Statement from Wendy Fields, Executive Director, Democracy Initiative:

This Administration has failed to implement previous recommendations to advance a 21st century election system of voter integrity and security. We must ensure the rights of every eligible voter to participate freely and to have their votes counted. The real fraud in America is the millions of eligible voters that are denied the right to vote. The Ohio voter purge case being heard at the U.S. Supreme Court (Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute) is one example of the continued fight. This case impacts Americans across the country – especially students, seniors, and military men and women. While the commission failed to meet its objective, our advocacy must continue for common sense reforms like automatic voter registration, early voting, and rights restoration for returning citizens, as in Virginia. Voting is our tool to ensure the grassroots can advance the kitchen table issues that impact their lives and their communities. The failed President’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity may be dissolved but the DI and its allies will stand up to any attempt to shrink our voting power and say “Don’t Mess With Our Vote!”



The Democracy Initiative is a dynamic coalition of 64 issue-focused and democracy groups representing 35 million members from civil rights, environmental justice, and workers' rights community, working collectively to advance reforms for a responsive, reflective, and inclusive democracy where all Americans participate fully and freely in the democratic process.
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