Exciting DI Changes

Friday, April 28, 2017

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In this critical fight for a democracy that works for all of us, we are excited to announce some important changes to the structure of the Democracy Initiative board and coordinating committee. Our diverse and broad coalition must reflect the work we wish to see at the grassroots -- agile, responsive leadership.

The board is committed to modeling this nimble and responsive structure. That's why we’re moving to co-chairs for the board starting in May. Larry Cohen has done a tremendous job leading the DI and will remain on the board. We are stepping up to be the co-chairs.

In addition to the new co-chairs, the board is creating two committees to guide our work: development and outreach. The development committee will focus the talents of board members that can help the DI leverage funding for the critical work of our coalition. The outreach committee will oversee how we engage and bring new organizations into the coalition that enhance and magnify our work at the local, state, and national level.

To better reflect our focus on scaling up our efforts and deepening our program with DI member groups' membership, we are renaming the Coordinating Committee to the Mobilizing Committee. Working individually and collectively with current and new partners, we will connect and mobilize members to participate in different aspects of the Democracy 365 vision discussed last week. The Mobilizing Committee will move to a bi-weekly meeting structure, starting in May and convene state reform campaign briefings and engagement sessions that include state leaders and DI member groups.

As a coalition, we commit to building a truly multiracial, intersectional democracy movement to train and mobilize members and activists to strengthen all of our organizations and win reforms to shift the landscape. At the extended program meeting last week, we introduced our new Democracy 365 umbrella campaign to create a vision of a democracy that works for everyone and expands our coalition. We have identified state and local campaigns where the DI will collaborate.

We’re excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead of us to harness the energy of the resistance movement and lean in on proactive and defensive state and local fights. Please join the upcoming webinar on Thursday, May 4 or Friday, May 5 from 1-2pm ET / 10-11am PT. RSVP online or email eorbuch@democracyinitiative.org.

Together we can add many new voices and activists to make an even more powerful democracy movement that will expand voting power and blunt the influence of money in our elections and governing.  

We are excited to lead this next phase of the DI and work with our tremendous Executive Director Wendy Fields. We invite you to participate in upcoming webinars and meetings that will lay out immediate opportunities for partners to engage their members.

In Solidarity,

Annie Leonard, Greenpeace USA
Karen Hobert Flynn, Common Cause