DI Endorses Unity Reform Commission Recommendations

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Washington, D.C.

The Democracy Initiative is proud to announce that we endorse an historic set of democratic reforms for the Democratic Party, recommended by the DNC Unity Reform Commission (URC) and supported by Chairman Tom Perez and Vice Chair Keith Ellison. 

These proposed reforms and the internal debate about the Democratic Party rules are coming as we face extraordinary challenges. Many of you are hearing clearly the demand for change from your rank and file members, the resistance movement, and activists from black, brown, and working class communities. In 2016, I was joined by many of our leaders in the DI and democracy movement, including Public Citizen, Our Revolution, and Every Voice, to name a few, to testify at the DNC platform committee to ensure that key democracy reforms on Voting Rights, Getting Money out of Politics, and Redistricting Reform must be a high priority on the platform and program. 

The URC's recommendations are important to our ability to win on the things that matter most to us. They include: 

* Increased Action on Voting Rights and Reforms: Same Day Registration, Automatic Voter Registration, Early Voting 

* Making primaries and caucuses more open and accessible through opportunities like same-day registration 

* Creating more openness and transparency in processes within the DNC including state party funding, vendor contracts, and other financial decisions. 

As the introduction of the Unity Reform Commission states, Democrats must support voting rights, inclusion, and transparency inside their party as we continue to fight for voting rights and against voter suppression across the country. 

Now we urge you to share information with your membership and engage in the current debate. The full DNC will vote on the proposal from the Rules and Bylaws Committee, based on the Unity Reform Commission report, on August 25th in Chicago. We call on the members of the DNC to support transparency and increase the influence and power of the grassroots. We will share the exact language of the final proposal as soon as it is made public. 

You can read the report of the Unity Reform Commission here: https://my.democrats.org/page/-/Unity Reform Commission Report 12.21.17.pdf