Democracy Initiative Update 12.16.20

Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Democracy was on the ballot in 2020—and together, we made a difference. Despite continued mass voter suppression, we achieved the largest and most inclusive election in American history. When all the votes are counted, nearly 160 million people will have cast ballots—the largest number ever.

This achievement reflects years of hard work by the overall democracy movement, and by Democracy Initiative partners and allies across the country. You can and should take credit for these accomplishments. To read our year-end action report, click here.

2020 has been a long, eventful, and exhausting year. We would like to wish all of you a restful and reinvigorating holiday season, and we look forward to joining you in 2021 for the work ahead of us.

— The DI Team


On December 7, the Democracy Initiative sent a letter to Congress strongly endorsing the “For the People Act,” the transformational legislation passed by the House in March that aims to revitalize our democracy and fulfill the promise of our country’s ideals. Speaker Pelosi has pledged to introduce the For the People Act on the first day of the new Congress. From the letter:

“This past election shined a spotlight on critical vulnerabilities in our democracy. In the face of a deadly pandemic, people voted in record numbers despite orchestrated voter suppression designed to disenfranchise millions of Americans and bankrolled by corporate interests and the wealthy few. No one should ever have to choose between their health and their right to vote. And voters should not have to compete with wealthy corporate interests to have their say.

We need immediate structural changes beginning with those in the For the People Act to ensure that the people have a seat at the governing table and a voice on the essential issues that affect our lives. Without structural democracy reform, our nation will remain unable to fully address important substantive priorities for the American people, such as access to affordable healthcare, protecting the environment, ending racial injustice, protecting the rights of workers and creating millions of good-paying jobs.”

Read the full letter here.


Throughout this historically unprecedented Election Season, election workers did their jobs so that every American could cast their ballots and have them counted accurately. Thanks to these Election Heroes, more Americans than ever before had their voices heard in our democracy.

We are joining DI partners and allies on Thursday, December 17 for an #ElectionHeroes Day of Action to show our appreciation for our election officials. Please encourage your members and supporters to do a 15-second video thanking their local election workers and post it on social media with the hashtag #ElectionHeroes. Make sure to tag us at @Unite4Democracy and we’ll share it as well.

DI partner Public Citizen has provided a sample email invite and text invite to engage your members.


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