Democracy Initiative Denounces Failed Insurrection; Says Trump Must Be Removed and Perpetrators Punished

Thursday, January 7, 2021

For Immediate Release:

Democracy Initiative Denounces Failed Insurrection;
Says Trump Must Be Removed and Perpetrators Punished

This statement is from Jennifer Lamson, Interim Executive Director of the Democracy Initiative:

“We strongly condemn yesterday’s violent attack on the Capitol by an armed mob seeking to prevent the orderly transfer of power to the incoming Administration.

“Make no mistake: Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 elections, refusal to accept the results, and ongoing support for white supremacy are the fuel that sparked this dangerous fire. We agree with those across the political spectrum – from Common Cause to the NAACP to the National Association of Manufacturers – who are calling for Trump to be removed from office immediately, before he can do more damage to our democracy.

“Irresponsible politicians like Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and far too many others who have enabled Trump’s increasingly unhinged attempt to overturn a legitimate, democratic election must also be held accountable.

“The American people must have a full accounting of why the Capitol Police were not more prepared for this attack. When contrasted with the overwhelming police presence that Black Lives Matter protesters faced after the murder of George Floyd, the failure of police to stop angry, armed white people from swarming the halls of Congress makes it crystal clear that defeating white supremacy is essential to realizing the promise of our democracy.

“The American people voted in record numbers in the 2020 elections, despite a deadly pandemic and orchestrated mass voter suppression. They made it clear that it is time for the Congress and the White House to govern and solve the public health and economic crisis caused by COVID.

“Democracy Initiative partners work on the front lines of the fight for racial, social and economic justice, and know that inclusive democracy and effective governance are essential to achieving these goals. On their behalf, we demand swift and severe consequences for all those who perpetrated, enabled and incited Wednesday’s shameful attack on our nation."


The Democracy Initiative is a coalition of 75 organizations with a collective 45 million members fighting for workers, civil rights, social justice and the environment and united in their commitment to realizing the promise of American democracy where all people have an equal seat at the governance table.