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Americans feel disconnected from their elected officials. Americans witness gridlock, partisanship and obstruction and are looking for ways to change the system so that we have a government that is of, by and for the people.  

Fix the Senate Now seeks to address these concerns by advocating for sensible change to the rules governing the U.S. Senate to end gridlock and allow the institution to meet some of our country’s greatest challenges. The U.S. Senate has become a place where too many important issues don't get even one minute of discussion and debate on the Senate floor.  In recent years, the Senate has passed fewer thatn 5 percent of the bills that are introduced.  Too many critical issues never make it to the Senate floor. The current situation with the refusal of Senate leadership to hold a hearing on a nominated Supreme Court Justice, is only the most recent example of the Senate shirking its Constitutional responsibilities.  



The Fix the Senate Now campaign includes over seventy labor, civil rights, voting rights, environmental, good government and other like-minded membership organizations that seek to restore equality to our political system. We are the voices of everyday Americans who believe that our U.S. Senate needs to debate solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our country faces and help us to find solutions. 

President's Election Commission is Inadequate to Address 2016 Election Threats

Press Release

President's Election Commission is Inadequate to Address 2016 Election Threats

The Commission is "Not a Good Use of Time" Without a Focus on Russian Interference, Voter Suppression

Michelle C. Whittaker, Director of Communications 202-567-6103

May 11, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  The Democracy... Read More

DI Chair Larry Cohen Agrees with Senator Reid on Need to Fix Senate

Press Release

 In response to the comments made by Senator Harry Reid who said that if Democrats win the White House and the Senate they should consider changing Senate rules to allow the majority to proceed to act, DI Chair Larry Cohen stated:

"Senator Reid is saying aloud what most Americans already know, the current gridlock must end. The Senate needs to do its job and consider the real issues that Americans care about."

"Over the last eight years, President Obama and his policies faced... Read More

Statement by Larry Cohen, Chair, Democracy Initiative

Press Release

Last night’s fearless filibuster - spearheaded by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) – was a win for democracy. Sen. Murphy and his colleagues used the filibuster as it was intended – to ensure the minority voice is heard.

Too often, senators abuse this rule and hold “silent” filibusters, bringing critical legislation to a screeching halt without ever having to give anyone an explanation. The threat of filibuster can have the same effect – bills and nominations are left hanging out to dry... Read More

The DI Report: Democracy Awakening

DI Report

This weekend, a mass movement of thousands of activists and advocates from more than 300 labor, environment, civil rights, and faith organizations, descended on Capitol Hill for Democracy Awakening in a brilliant display of... Read More

Democracy Awakening Brings Thousands of Activists and Advocates to Rally in Washington, DC

Press Release

Washington, DC – This weekend, April 16-18, the Democracy Initiative and its endorsing organizations are participating in Democracy Awakening, bringing together thousands of members, activists, and advocates from a wide variety of backgrounds to fight for an equal and influential voice in our democracy as the power of money in politics, attacks on voting rights, and Senate obstruction over the Supreme Court... Read More

Democracy Initiative Responds to Passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Press Release

Washington, DC – Following the unexpected passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the Democracy Initiative issued the following statement:

“The President joined the nation in mourning the loss and honoring the life of Justice Antonin Scalia, a dedicated public servant and advocate for the ideals enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. The President was clear that he intends to fulfill his constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor to Justice Scalia. He also called on... Read More

The DI Report: The DI's 3rd Annual Convening, 5th Anniversary of Citizens United, And Looking Ahead

DI Report

Welcome to the first DI Report of the new year, it has been a busy and productive time! Since our last edition, the Democracy Initiative brought together 220 leaders of DI organizations and other groups in our largest and most dynamic annual Convening to date last December. Building off of the priorities set at the Convening, we have launched a comprehensive and coordinated planning process to set priorities and plans for 2015 and 2016 and helped organize a national day of action around the... Read More

The DI Report: Shelby County, Constitutional Amendment, CWA Legislative Conference, & Delaware

DI Report

This summer, the Democracy Initiative continued to fight for our democracy and engage activists around the country to stand up for our future. The stakes have never been higher as powerful interests are spending unprecedented amounts in campaign contributions and the health of our voting rights remains tenuous in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision that eviscerated the Voting Rights Act and new laws implemented since the last election that circumscribe the ability of many to vote.  ... Read More

The DI Report: McCutcheon, NY Public Finance, and National Voter Registration Act

DI Report

Welcome to the second installment of the Democracy Initiative’s newsletter. We have continued our fast pace and remain actively engaged on the critical issues facing our country. This has been a tough month in the wake of McCutcheon, but we remain determined to save our democracy from big money and special interests.

Please continue reading for an update on our recent work.

Supreme Court Hands Down Disappointing Decision in McCutcheon v. FEC
... Read More

The DI Report: Virtual Teach-In, Government By the People Act, and More

DI Report

Welcome to the first installment of the Democracy Initiative's monthly newsletter. We have had an exciting start to 2014 and look forward to advancing the critical issues facing our nation: money in politics, voting rights, and Senate rules reform. 

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on our recent work. 

2014 Democracy Initiative Convening 

On January 8, 2014, the Democracy Initiative held a follow up meeting to our first large... Read More