Erich Pica

Erich Pica, Friends of the Earth President

Erich Pica is a nationally recognized environmental and progressive leader, and an economics expert on energy subsidies. For more than a decade, Erich has worked to reform U.S. tax and budget policy to reduce pollution and increase clean energy. His core belief that the solution to climate change rests at the intersection of justice and the environment has developed Friends of the Earth’s strategy to include racial justice and just transition in its work, with particular focus on indigenous and grassroots advocacy. Under Erich’s tenure, Friends of the Earth’s membership has grown to one million people, in all 50 states, most recently realigning priority resources to support Trump defense work.

Erich serves as the chair of the board of the Partnership Project and Partnership Project Action Fund, is a former board member of the Safe Energy Communication Council and former chair of the Green Group.  He also sits on the executive committee of the Citizens Trade Campaign and the advisory committee of the District of Columbia Environmental Network.

Prior to becoming Friends of the Earth’s president in 2009, Erich served as the organization’s director of domestic programs. In that role, he designed and launched many campaigns to bring emerging technologies such as nanotechnology and synthetic biology under greater public and regulatory control and to reform how the federal government manages and invests in our transportation system.