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During the #30Hours Campaign, senators received almost 1.5 million calls per day. Keep up the momentum and make your voice heard! Contact your senators today!

Since Inauguration Day, Americans have come together to show strength in numbers. The results of the resistance include: keeping the Ethics Committee alive in Congress, halting the Muslim ban, and the Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder withdrawing his nomination. A crucial component of our democracy is the communication between constituents and their representatives. At the height of our #30Hours campaign urging Americans to call their senators to use 30 hours of debate to fully vet each of President Trump's nominees, Senators received an average of 1.5 million calls per day. Call your senator today (202-224-3121) or reach out to them directly with our directory. If you want to see your congressman or woman face to face, attend a Town Hall to get your questions answered!

Keep up the good work!

Each of the Trump administration nominees should be fully vetted and should have 30 hours of debate time!