Join the Democracy Initiative as a Programming & Communications Intern

Friday, August 12, 2016

Democracy Initiative Description


The Democracy Initiative, launched in 2013, seeks to restore the core principle of political equality. Labor, civil rights, voting rights, environmental, good government and other like-minded organizations with broad memberships commit to build a movement to halt the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics, prevent the systemic manipulation and suppression of voters, and address other obstacles to significant reform, including the abuse of U.S. Senate rules that allow a small minority to obstruct deliberation and block action on legislation drafted to address the critical challenges facing our nation.

The Problem

Progressive people-powered movements have routinely faced opposition from those who benefit from social inequality. These opposing forces have devoted vast resources to influence policy makers, markets, the media and the public to protect the status quo. In the past few years, however, these same forces, not content with their already outsized influence, have taken aim at the foundations of our democratic tradition itself, seeking to undermine the principles of equal representation and civic participation in American democracy.


Our Solution

Historically, good government and voting rights reform organizations have done their work independently, while  labor, civil rights and environmental organizations have traditionally worked outside the ‘democracy space’  but have offered sincere but limited  support from the sidelines.   All of our organizations have been unable to achieve major victories on issues core to our organizations and at the same time have suffered losses in well-funded attacks. 
We seek a vibrant democracy, free of the corrupting influence of corporate money, where everyone can participate fully and freely in our democratic process, where every voter has a voice, and where our policymakers are accountable to the people and the public interest.  Achieving success in civil rights, climate change, women’s rights and worker’s rights, is inextricably linked to the victories on these core issues of our democracy.

Therefore, we propose to create a new network of key organizations and leaders from labor, community, civil rights, environmental, faith, women’s rights, LGBT and other sectors that share a common commitment to this shared vision. 


Big money and corporate interests are blocking progressive legislation and putting constraints on who can go to the polls on Election Day. The Democracy Initiative, along with our 58 progressive coalition members is aiming to put democracy back into the hands of the people.  With court rulings like Citizens United and McCutcheon v. FEC it is imperative that we fight to restore a just democracy where money doesn't equal speech or power.


Job activities:

·         Conduct research and writing as needed


·         Compile weekly updates on federal legislation and actions (state and national)


·         Collaborate with team members on Democracy Initiative related projects


·         Provide administrative support



Knowledge and Skills:

·         Excellent writing and editing skills


·         Attention to detail


·         Experience with Microsoft office suite


·         Comfort using online tools, specifically google docs


·         Ability to work well independently or in a team setting


·         Good time management and organizational skills


·         Commitment to Democracy Initiative mission statement


Compensation/ Pay:

Democracy Initiative interns will be paid $15 an hour.

To apply please email a cover letter and resume to O’neil Pryce at