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The Democracy Initiative is a network of 58 civil rights, environmental, labor, and civic organizations formed to restore the core principles of democracy and political equality.

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DI Board Members in Action

Caption: The DI extend s its warmest congratulations to Miles Rapoport on his appointment...
Urge your senators to reject Sessions! Watch and share the video!
Less than two weeks after the sit-in organized in Mobile, Alabama, the NAACP followed up...

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In just the first 50 days of the Trump Administratixon, their track record of not fully vetting nominees has led to conflicts of interest and serious questions about nominees’ ties to corporate interests and foreign powers. Judge Gorsuch presents similar questions.
The new revelations that Attorney General Jeff Sessions misled the public regarding his contact with Russian officials is the latest example of why Americans have a growing distrust for government.

Initiative Updates

New Mexico moves advances several pro-democracy reforms, Fair Elections actions in Howard County, MD and D.C., plus it's Women's History Month!
Here is some inspiration to share from International Women's Day and #ADayWithoutAWoman...
Today is International Women's Day "A stronger, more reflective democracy is only...

"The Democracy Initiative was created to change the way we think about our democracy, by empowering millions of people to shake off their frustration, join together, and make their voices heard. This change won’t take place overnight. Building a movement takes perseverance and over the course of days, weeks, and years, the movement will grow stronger as Americans see the power of collective action."

Tefere Gebre, Executive Vice President at AFL-CIO